Etsy Tuesdays: All You Need is Love!

Besides being head-over-heels crazy about Middle Name Silly, I've been swimming in a rising sea of love lately... namely, weddings!

Next month starts a four month, one-wedding-a-month wedding frenzy.

I'm attending three of the four, and I'm a bridesmaid in one of them.

Expect a bundle of cool wedding DIY projects from yours truly.

Hint: button boutonnieres!

There sure is a lot of love in the air, people... and it's pretty freakin' awesome.

♥ Favorite Find: The sentimental and totally practical Love Languages tote from BucktoothedBunny... it just beckons to be filled with cute printed binders and notebooks!

Etsy Tuesdays: Aquamarine & Canary

The color blue and I have always had a stable, long-lasting relationship.

It's the color of my birthstone, the clearest summer sky, and my favorite mukluk slippers (so comfy!).

Yellow, on the other hand, has just recently come into the picture.

I really used to dislike all things yellow... not to mention that bright yellow isn't too flattering on pale skin like mine. Yuck.

Lately though, I keep finding myself drawn to the perpetually cheery color.

Maybe there's a little room left in this girl's personal color wheel for a little sun.

♥ Favorite Find: The quirky and colorful molecular hair clip from BooandBooFactory... cute nestled into a tousled braid!

I'm also crushing on those canary yellow pumps... they're in my size, too!

Etsy Tuesdays: Dandelion Wine

Dandelions are just too freakin' cool to be a pesky little weed.

Blowing those fluffy dudes all over is definitely more exciting than blowing out birthday candles.

They make for some pretty eye-catching, nostalgic decor as well!

Favorite Find: The Dandelion wedding invitations by DesignsbyAdj. Unique, strikingly simple, and perfect for an evening summer wedding!

Right this moment...

I'm on a computer that's not mine, anxiously awaiting the mailman to bring my new charger for my dead, misbehaving laptop.

I'm retiring my beloved pineapple print planner and writing important dates, birthdays, events, and school schedules into my new mod-birdie print time.mine planner.
Without a trusty planner by my side, I would be far more disorganized. Scary thought.

I'm also wanting to sink my sweet tooth into these chewy bar cookies dreamt up by Nicole of Baking Bites. Salty pecans and chocolate? Hello, chewy melty goodness!

Etsy Tuesdays: Peachy Plum Crisp

Aside from blackberries, peaches are my favorite fruit.

And peach crisp? Heaven.

Plums, on the other hand, creep me the hell out.

I can't really put my finger on it, but that squishy, little alien fruit is seriously odd.

Makes a gorgeous color combo, though!

Favorite Find: The ridiculously stunning hand-pleated top by lirola. A universally flattering color with adorable elbow-length sleeves... perfect with a string of pearls!

Spur of the moment trifle... without the triviality.

Silly's mom has recently developed a serious crush on tiramisu.

The boy and I were planning a little gourmet celebration for her birthday: dinner by the insanely attractive son, dessert by yours truly.

And I was completely stumped at what to make.

I woke up late the morning of with the inspiration... tiramisu!


Three problems...

1. I've never made tiramisu in my relatively short life.

2. No ladyfingers. Where do you even get ladyfingers??

3. Where the hell am I going to find time to bake some cake-like substance in order to make said tiramisu by tonight?

The solution? Serious recipe-tweaking and spontaneous trifle-making.

So grab one of those guilty, store-bought pound cakes (hello, Costco!), a tub of mascarpone cheese, and get your trifle on!
 Oh, and you'll totally impress that boy's mom.

Right this moment...

I'm head-over-heels in love with IKEA.

It's a put-it-together-yourself furniture wonderland.

Yesterday, Silly and I made the trek out to the Swedish mecca so I could convince him of it's overall addictiveness. A couple steps through the doorway and he was hooked.

Did you know that there's a little sit-down restaurant inside of IKEA?

...And that every dish is wallet-friendly to match their inedible products?

...And surprisingly, freakishly, crack-a-licious?

No joke. It's addictive and delicious... hence, "crack-a-licious".

Those are Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and a side of lingonberry jam.

This Princess Cake - aka sponge cake with raspberry filling topped with marzipan frosting and a chocolate crown - was so light and tasty that Silly couldn't keep his fork out of it.

Oh, this? It's called a Daim Torte, and for less than two dollars I experienced some serious crack-a-licious flavor. Two layers of almond cake sandwiched between layers of caramel cream, topped with crushed Daim candies (almond toffee) and milk chocolate. Yum!

A few hours later, we walked out with a couple packs of magazine holders, a big glass for succulents, a toothbrush-shaped pot scrubber, and two salad spinners.


Etsy Tuesdays: Eco-Chic

A delightful mix of vintage charm and modern ingenuity with a eco-friendly twist!

Favorite Find: A tie between the woodsy-cute twig pencils from alliebeans and the envy-inducing retro wall clock by VectorCloud.

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