Right this moment...

I'm head-over-heels in love with IKEA.

It's a put-it-together-yourself furniture wonderland.

Yesterday, Silly and I made the trek out to the Swedish mecca so I could convince him of it's overall addictiveness. A couple steps through the doorway and he was hooked.

Did you know that there's a little sit-down restaurant inside of IKEA?

...And that every dish is wallet-friendly to match their inedible products?

...And surprisingly, freakishly, crack-a-licious?

No joke. It's addictive and delicious... hence, "crack-a-licious".

Those are Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and a side of lingonberry jam.

This Princess Cake - aka sponge cake with raspberry filling topped with marzipan frosting and a chocolate crown - was so light and tasty that Silly couldn't keep his fork out of it.

Oh, this? It's called a Daim Torte, and for less than two dollars I experienced some serious crack-a-licious flavor. Two layers of almond cake sandwiched between layers of caramel cream, topped with crushed Daim candies (almond toffee) and milk chocolate. Yum!

A few hours later, we walked out with a couple packs of magazine holders, a big glass for succulents, a toothbrush-shaped pot scrubber, and two salad spinners.



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