Etsy Tuesdays: Feelin' Foxy

Aside from my not-so-private love of wombats, I'm also a big fan of the fox.

They're like a fluffy cross between a cat and a dog, and come in gorgeous color combinations.

Oh, they're pretty darn cute, too.

Favorite Find: "The Fox and the Marshmallows" print by krisblues. Simple and oh so sweet! Stop by her shop and check out the "Red Pandas" print as well - ridiculously cute.

Etsy Tuesdays: Gilded Blueberries

Bright blue beads always remind me of blueberries.

I have this tendency to associate everything with food. (No joke. My orange tabby, Beaucephus, looks remarkably like a loaf of cinnamon bread!)

It's a good thing.

Favorite Find: The golden rutilated quartz earrings by Arctida. I have a terrible weakness for golden rutilated quartz. It shimmers beautifully in sunlight, and it looks like gilded thread embedded in ice... what's not to love?

Three milks = ridiculously mouth-watering cake.

Ice cold, rich, creamy, almost custardy tres leches cake topped with freshly whipped cream and raspberry sauce.
Tasty goodness directly from plate to face.

Etsy Tuesdays: The Calm Days of Summer

In between those days of summer adventure, there's nothing like some calm and relaxation.

I like to relax with a cool glass of sweet tea and a quirky novel.

Or a board game and movie marathon. Scrabble and I Love You Man, perhaps?

Favorite Item: The "Honeymoon" print by annadykema. I love the Bokeh heart effect and the use of a vintage camera!

Blackberry and Pastry Cream Parfaits: the secret to romantic picnic success

Despite the mixed signals from Mother Nature, summer has arrived in sunny California and Middle Name Silly and I are feeling the heat!

When a delightfully breezy day came upon us yesterday, we packed up some chilled goodies - ravioli salad, pink lemonade, and farm-fresh cherries, oh my! - and put the pedal to the metal to a shady spot at our favorite local park.

Then - oops! - I totally forgot cups for the lemonade. Thank the bottled drink gods for straws.

Middle Name Silly was also thankful for these blackberry pastry cream parfaits I snuck into the picnic basket and later pulled out with a flourish.

Go ahead - knock someone's summer flip flops off with sexy, silky parfaits in fancy-pants glasses! ♥

Etsy Tuesdays: Muted Vintage Whimsy

This week's treasury is just brimming with fun and creativity. Who says fun needs to be brightly-colored?
This treasury is especially meaningful because of my soft spot for vintage well-worn rolling pins. Ever since I could remember, my mom would reach for her grandmother's red-handled rolling pin to roll out pie crusts for her famous quiche or spicy holiday gingerbread. Recently, I purchased a well-seasoned rolling pin from an elderly couple who were retiring after twenty plus years in the pie-making business. Just like vintage cast iron, these rolling pins just get better with use and age!

Favorite Find: It was definitely a challenge to choose a favorite out of the equally lovely pieces in this treasury. With much debate I still ended up with a tie!
Those gilded bronze antler hairpins by WoodlandBelle would be stunning addition to flowing locks of beachy waves.
Wildly talented indie designer sarahseven's cocktail-length dresses already make me weak in the knees, and her bridal collection is no less decadent. As an added bonus, 5% of the purchase price of each dress is donated to charity!

Etsy Tuesdays: Globe Trotter

The handsome man in my life - Middle Name Silly - has a secret adoration of vintage world globes. We've been actively searching flea markets and antique stores for the perfect one without much luck, however when he spots "the one", it will surely be a Kodak moment. This treasury brought a smile to my face!

♥ Favorite Find: Although my impossibly skinny wrists reject most bracelets, I find myself drawn to the beautiful sepia tones of the map bangles by SquishySushi. Eco-friendly to boot!

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