Etsy Tuesdays: Aquamarine & Canary

The color blue and I have always had a stable, long-lasting relationship.

It's the color of my birthstone, the clearest summer sky, and my favorite mukluk slippers (so comfy!).

Yellow, on the other hand, has just recently come into the picture.

I really used to dislike all things yellow... not to mention that bright yellow isn't too flattering on pale skin like mine. Yuck.

Lately though, I keep finding myself drawn to the perpetually cheery color.

Maybe there's a little room left in this girl's personal color wheel for a little sun.

♥ Favorite Find: The quirky and colorful molecular hair clip from BooandBooFactory... cute nestled into a tousled braid!

I'm also crushing on those canary yellow pumps... they're in my size, too!


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