Etsy Tuesdays: Un Voyage à Paris

I was a bit of a French nerd in high school.

Sure, French is an impractical language to learn when you live in a state whose second most spoken language is Spanish, but everyday of the three years of classes I took was like one big party.

We performed skits, drew chalk tracings of eachother on the pavement, watched offbeat French movies, held massive Mardi Gras celebrations, and received envious glances from Spanish students sitting in class while we played Bocce ball outside in the sun.

My French isn't as good as it used to be, but someday I'll make my way across the pond and see firsthand what all the fun was about!

Favorite Find: I found a vintage pink suitcase a few years ago on one of my bargain-hunting adventures, and the "My Favorite Spot" print by yvetteinufio reminds me of all that vintage girliness.


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