Etsy Tuesdays: In Touch With Nature

In my twenty-one years of life, I've never been camping.
No, I'm not one of those nature-phobic girls who cringe at the thought of spending a few days in the great outdoors. I've just never had the opportunity.

My mom also grew up as a non-camper until my dad took her out when they were dating (aka - long before me). Not only was it pouring rain, but they found themselves in the middle of an earthquake.
No joke.
Let's just say that pretty much cured my mom's desire to spend a weekend in the wilderness.
And here I am, old enough to order a maragarita, but still a camping virgin.
Boldly, I signed myself up for a weekend field paleontology course this fall, and I'm preparing for the adventure with a camping trip with Middle Name Silly this summer! ♥

This treasury is getting me totally stoked for s'mores, tank tops and cottony sundresses, sticky sunscreen and insect repellent, and fresh forest breezes.
Bring on the California sun!

Favorite Find: The "California Redwoods" print by aruppel.


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