Etsy Tuesdays: Muted Vintage Whimsy

This week's treasury is just brimming with fun and creativity. Who says fun needs to be brightly-colored?
This treasury is especially meaningful because of my soft spot for vintage well-worn rolling pins. Ever since I could remember, my mom would reach for her grandmother's red-handled rolling pin to roll out pie crusts for her famous quiche or spicy holiday gingerbread. Recently, I purchased a well-seasoned rolling pin from an elderly couple who were retiring after twenty plus years in the pie-making business. Just like vintage cast iron, these rolling pins just get better with use and age!

Favorite Find: It was definitely a challenge to choose a favorite out of the equally lovely pieces in this treasury. With much debate I still ended up with a tie!
Those gilded bronze antler hairpins by WoodlandBelle would be stunning addition to flowing locks of beachy waves.
Wildly talented indie designer sarahseven's cocktail-length dresses already make me weak in the knees, and her bridal collection is no less decadent. As an added bonus, 5% of the purchase price of each dress is donated to charity!


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